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Tianpu Chemicals Company Limited. (Tianpu Chemicals) originated in Luzhou, Sichuan province, and its main production sites are located in Zhang Jiagang city, Jiangsu province and Luzhou city now.

In 1999, China's first kiloton methyl cellulose ether industrial production site was established in Luzhou, Sichuan province. In 2002, Tianpu Chemical set up the second site in Zhang Jiagang city with a new production line of 5000 tons per year. In 2007 Tianpu Chemical cooperated with Hercules Corporation to build a new production line of hydroxy ethyl methyl cellulose, which is the first and largest single unit in China. Up to now, Tianpu Chemical has a total production capacity of 18,000 tons per year and remains the only enterprise in China legally authorized to produce HEMC using solvent-free process.

In 2019, Luzhou North Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., the co-investor of Tianpu Chemical and Luzhou Cellulose Co., Ltd. started the integration of cellulose business. This means Tianpu Chemical had increased supply of 5000 tons of hydroxy ethyl cellulose(HEC) and 1000 tons of ethyl cellulose (EC).

Through years of efforts, Tianpu Chemical has owned six major product series: MC, HPMC, HEMC, HEC, EC and functional modified cellulose with hundreds of sub-categories, which are widely used in fields of construction, coating, oil and gas exploitation, emulsion, ink, electronic paste, medicine, householding, personal care, ceramics and so on. At the same time, solvent free, completely closed production process with fully automated process control supports to create more suitable products for customers. In addition, Tianpu Chemical adheres to "quality is designed" as quality management concept.

Tianpu Chemical has been committed to continuous improvement of intrinsic safely for many years, and has a perfect waste water treatment system which can realize the total recycling of waste water.

It is Tianpu's responsibility and mission to create better value for employees, users, partners and society. Tianpu Chemical is aiming to become on international main producer of cellulose ether and leading supplier of cellulose ether system solutions.