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Combizell® M4025 Modified Cellulose Ether for Cement-based System 

Combizell® M4025 has been developed to improve the workability properties of Portland cement based dry mortars.  

Combizell® M4025 has good water retention and workability to make the mortar smooth and improve the strength and  durability of the mortar. It also can improve slurry stability and heat resistance. 

Combizell® M4025 can meet all standard requirements while offering the following unique benefits: 

Good water retention 

Excellent workability 

Excellent slurry stability 

Good heat resistance 

Characteristics of Combizell® M4025 

Chemical basismethyl hydroxypropyl cellulose 

Particle sizeResidue on 0.125mm sieve 10.0% 

Viscosityapproximately 50,000 mPas* 

Moisture content: max. 5.0% 

Bulk density: 200-500 g/L 

Note*Test condition is 2% solution on dry basis, Brookfield RVT, Spindle 6#@20rpm, 20℃ 


Combizell® M4025 is non-perishable product. It is recommended to use the products in rotating on a first in first out basis.  The products should be stored under dry and clean conditions in its original packaging and away from heat. The products are hydroscopic. The packaging is selected in a way to avoid ingress of moisture, but the water content of the packed  product will / may increase if not stored dry.

Product safety 

According to the EU legislation on dangerous substances and preparations, Combizell® M4025 is not hazardous. Further data on the safety aspects of Combizell® types are given in the Safety Data Sheets.

Customer notice and Disclaimer 

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